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About me

I'm a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.

My aim with my photography is to portray harmony between a human being and nature, to raise awareness about the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature and to inspire others to protect and respect nature.

The photos that you see on my website are self-portraits - they are not manipulated, but born out of the moment and I take them intuitively. I hike most weekends and I bring my camera, tripod and a dress with me. When I see a place that inspires me I usually visualise what it would look like with me standing there and then set up my camera on the tripod, put on my dress and take the photos with a remote control. This process makes me feel creative and alive and I can't picture my life without it. On a few of the photos I have used my mom (the beautiful lady with red hair) as a model. She loves and admires nature just as much as I do! 

My photography journey began a few years ago when I started spending more time in the nature and feeling a deep connection to it, which lead to the urge to capture it in my own unique way. In the beginning I was mostly taking closeups of flowers, leaves etc. during walks in different parks; it then developed into landscape photography in different countries and, finally, into my self-portraits. My connection with nature has taught me to see and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of every season and every kind of weather, and I'm very grateful for it. 

My hope is that you will feel the appreciation and admiration for nature that I feel when you look at my photos. I hope that they might inspire you to spend more time in the nature, listen to it, feel it and let it heal you. And I hope that you will develop a deeper connection to it and always treat it with kindness and respect. 

Today, I mostly take self-portraits in locations that I find inspiring and I also do photography work for my clients.

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