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About me

I'm based in Vancouver, Canada.

My aim is to capture harmony between a human being and nature and bring awareness about the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature.

I always dreamt of doing something creative. Being a nature photographer has taught me to see the beauty and uniqueness of every season and every kind of weather, which I'm very grateful for. My photos are born out of the moment and I take them intuitively.

Having been creative my whole life with drawing, painting, designing, writing etc. I'm always looking for new outlets for my creativity. My photography journey began as I started spending more time in the nature and feeling a deep connection to it, which lead to the urge to capture it in my own unique way. 

In the beginning I was mostly taking closeups during my walks in different parks, which then developed into landscape photography in different countries and finally into fine art photos with the human element that demonstrate the connection and admiration that I am feeling.

Today, I mostly take self-portraits in locations that I find inspiring and I also do photography work for my clients. I love taking photos of other people, as it allows me to be creative in a whole different way and to give people special memories. 

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