Personalised Gifts

It is now possible to customise your order and make it one of a kind by adding text of your choice to any images in the galleries.

This could be a gift to a loved one with words that express your feelings, which you would like the person to have hanging on his/her wall etc.

Likewise, it could also be a gift to yourself if you, for instance, wish to have inspirational and motivating words hanging on your wall. You might choose text that has a special meaning to you or put your favourite quote or affirmation on your wall to always keep you inspired and as a reminder of what you wish to focus on in your life. 

How it works:

1. Choose an image from the gallery that you would like to customise.

2. Fill out the form below in order to place an order. 

3. I will customise the image according to your wishes and send you a link, where you will be able to review the image. Once you approve it, I will make it available for print/download for you in all possible sizes and materials that you can choose between.

* I would like to offer you this service for $50 above the regular price of an image without text. The price includes multiple reviews.

Personalised Gifts Order Form

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